Sunday, November 12, 2023

where it began


By which I mean the jumble sale 7-inches starting with the Iggy and Geordie singles.. not Dino Lee and definitely not Flying Burrito Bros, an album I have not played since the months after taping (early '85?), when I was quite enamored of it... 

The glam 'n' glitter singles were a shared enthusiasm at the Monitor "office" - particularly the Hello and Glitter tunes. 

At one point there was going to be a whole issue dedicated to glam rock and the mid-70s, but all that came out of it was this piece.  (I did make some notes on The Sweet, Alice Cooper, Gary Glitter etc,  which I found in an old folder recently. These thoughts had later reconstituted themselves quite independently in my brain, often almost word for word, when getting down to S+A three whole decades later).

But who the hell was Dino Lee

I think it was among the very first promos we got sent at Monitor.... I believe Paul Oldfield even reviewed it.   The front three tunes are a bit sub-JB or Joe 'King' Carrasco-y. But "Testing For Love", the fourth track, is worth a listen - really quite peculiar, an 11 minute-long dirgey stomper. Like "Spirit in the Sky" if recorded at the sessions for The Idiot. 

Ah! Here it is, PO on Dino Lee, from Monitor #4 - the same issue as his Gary Glitter epic

Update: actually it "started" quite a bit earlier - the spring of '83 is when I first rediscovered Gary Glitter, going by this letter listing my listening faves of the moment: 

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